AnneZine (1993-2004)

AnneZine was a long-running fanzine founded in 1993 with a proclaimed 47-issue print run, although for a couple of those years we actually didn’t put out any real issues, just talked about it a lot, and then some other years we just really didn’t feel like making any, so we pretended we did and then told people the dog ate all the issues, which was always done so as to maximize what was funny to us. The mission of AnneZine was to provide a space for people named Anne (and related derivative names) to come together on issues related to people named Anne, and discuss them and everything, and sometimes we did other things too but mostly it was jokes. After some ridiculous number of years doing AnneZine, or not doing AnneZine as the case more often was, we shut our doors when we discovered that people were lying about their names being Anne to have their articles appear in our high-quality publication when really their names were Scott.

Read AnneZine #2 here.

Read AnneZine #3 here.

Read AnneZine #4 here.

Read AnneZine #5 here.

Sorry, we do not have copies of AnneZine #1 or 6-47. If you do, please get in touch. Thanks!

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