PEN America

“That there are few recognizable visual cues associated with censorship is one reason the topic receives such short shrift in our brand-focused, social media-infused culture. Another is that the topic is nearly impossible to address with objectivity, a concept particularly beloved by those who impose limits on speech and speakers: if a censoring body refuses […]

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Seeing Silence (2016)

Seeing Silence was a collaborative zine-making project with students in the designmatters program at ArtCenter. Students were asked to create visual responses—on paper, transparencies, or translucent materials—to a series of prompts recalling moments they may have experienced censorship, silence, or disability. Participants were then encouraged to rework each others’ images and ideas to create something visual from the collective experience […]

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Let’s Chat About Civil Rights / Let’s Chat About Civic Memory (2016)

Let’s Chat About Civil Rights / Let’s Chat About Civic Memory was installed in April 2016 at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa at the behest of St. Ambrose University. The images, by Melissa Mendes and Sheika Lugtu—a Ladydrawers collaboration—are accompanied by oral histories from local Quad Cities residents regarding two major aspects of Davenport’s participation in the […]

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Harvey & Me (2016)

A comics memoir and collaboration with Melissa Mendes, Harvey & Me is a six-episode literary series for Belt based on Anne Elizabeth Moore’s work and travels with Harvey Pekar. Read “Let’s Just Wait,” “Uninteresting Phone Call,” “Laureates for Everything,” “Book Signing,” “Pulling Lynda Barry’s Leg,” or bookmark the whole series here.

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Chicago Radical Publishing Timeline (2015)

The Chicago Radical Publishing Timeline (2015) was installed in June of 2015, during Pride and CAKE, in the front window of Andersonville’s legendary Women & Children First Books. The timeline included radical publishing projects from queers and folks of color throughout Chicago’s history, and was installed with a selection of complementary books on display in the front window, […]

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