The Baffler

Detroit and Kathryn Bigelow “The genuine marvel of Detroit is that Bigelow manages to condemn racism without acknowledging white supremacy, and her deployment of the white gaze to do so has been justifiably criticized. A preemptive defense came eleven days before the film’s premiere, from a Warner Brothers Studio stage at the AT&T SHAPE Tech […]

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Literally, A Reading Series (ongoing)

Literally: A Reading Series, presented by Write A House Housed at the historic Scarab Club and presented by Write A House, Literally: A Reading Series brings journalists, poets, cartoonists, novelists, and other writers together in Midtown Detroit. Like the term for which the series is named, Literally may offer tangible, verifiable facts or outrageous, fanciful claims. Hosted and curated by […]

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Teen Vogue

“Nicole Hill, a student and single mother, was living in Detroit, Michigan in 2014 when her water was shut off for non-payment — even though she had not received bills indicating her balance or a notice of non-payment. She then entered into a maze of redundant billing, administrative dead ends, and court cases, all while […]

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Water, Housing, and Land in Detroit, MI (ongoing)

Continuing the long-running investigative comics journalism series (previously called Ladydrawers) as a collaborative endeavor, Melissa Mendes and Anne Elizabeth Moore are in the midst of a 16-month series for Truthout that explores water, land, and housing rights in and around Detroit, Michigan. Through in-depth interviews, shoe-leather reporting, deep research, and brilliant, thoughtful graphics, the series seeks to explore challenges […]

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PEN America

“That there are few recognizable visual cues associated with censorship is one reason the topic receives such short shrift in our brand-focused, social media-infused culture. Another is that the topic is nearly impossible to address with objectivity, a concept particularly beloved by those who impose limits on speech and speakers: if a censoring body refuses […]

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Seeing Silence (2016)

Seeing Silence was a collaborative zine-making project with students in the designmatters program at ArtCenter. Students were asked to create visual responses—on paper, transparencies, or translucent materials—to a series of prompts recalling moments they may have experienced censorship, silence, or disability. Participants were then encouraged to rework each others’ images and ideas to create something visual from the collective experience […]

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