The Baffler

Detroit and Kathryn Bigelow “The genuine marvel of Detroit is that Bigelow manages to condemn racism without acknowledging white supremacy, and her deployment of the white gaze to do so has been justifiably criticized. A preemptive defense came eleven days before the film’s premiere, from a Warner Brothers Studio stage at the AT&T SHAPE Tech […]

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Teen Vogue

“Nicole Hill, a student and single mother, was living in Detroit, Michigan in 2014 when her water was shut off for non-payment — even though she had not received bills indicating her balance or a notice of non-payment. She then entered into a maze of redundant billing, administrative dead ends, and court cases, all while […]

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PEN America

“That there are few recognizable visual cues associated with censorship is one reason the topic receives such short shrift in our brand-focused, social media-infused culture. Another is that the topic is nearly impossible to address with objectivity, a concept particularly beloved by those who impose limits on speech and speakers: if a censoring body refuses […]

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From a financial perspective, the American rescue industry may be the third most popular sports franchise in the world.

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“‘I felt like I had been raised by this industry,’ Sarah Meier tells me over Skype, of the profession she entered in her mother’s footsteps at 14. The former supermodel now lives in Manila and has no regrets about leaving the world that brought her up. It does sound tough. ‘Really, really, really nice girls […]

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Los Angeles Review of Books

“Any overview of comics will miss something, of course, because that is what overviews do. But the fact is that they all tend to leave out the same things: examples of work from the global South, work by women and people of color, work created primarily for communication purposes (which is usually created by folks […]

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“Usually, an enforced culture of silence shrouds abuse and coercion. Yet somehow we’ve been given to believe—by Mam, Kristof and hand-selected victims who sometimes turn out, later, to have been fed scripted hard-luck tales—that here, silence is nothing but healing.”—When a human rights crusader builds her advocacy on lies (May 2014. This essay received some kind recognition, […]

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“IP laws sit at the crux of several debates raging right now: concerns regarding women in the literary arts, for example, and the wage gap. The paucity of strong female roles in TV and film. Gender bias in post-recession job hiring. The skimpy costumes of female characters in comic books. The global economic condition of […]

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The New Inquiry

“The accepted truth about flunitrazepam is that its primary Stateside use is as a rape facilitator. … But the myth of the date-rape drug [obscures] an even more potentially damaging fact: That we don’t actually know what effects the drug can have on users.” —Knocked Out Loaded (March 2013)  “Production becomes mystery becomes proof of the […]

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The Rumpus

“There is a quality that certain historic figures are said to share, a nearly indescribable feeling—not that these figures embody, but that they bring out in whoever they meet. The quality has been called intense charm, and magnetism, but these are both insufficient. Former president Bill Clinton is said to possess it. Mu Sochua, the […]

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