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Detroit and Kathryn Bigelow

“The genuine marvel of Detroit is that Bigelow manages to condemn racism without acknowledging white supremacy, and her deployment of the white gaze to do so has been justifiably criticized. A preemptive defense came eleven days before the film’s premiere, from a Warner Brothers Studio stage at the AT&T SHAPE Tech and Entertainment Expo. “It’s a matter of what is the message, not necessarily the delivery method,” Deadline reports that Bigelow explained before previewing a virtual reality documentary offering those in attendance a “walk” in the “shoes” of elephant rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Yup. Africa..” — Three Days in Detroit (2017)

Rupert Murdoch and Vice Media

“What I’m suggesting is not that young people are necessarily becoming more self-absorbed, as many have already, but that they may be abandoning truth-telling as a potential source of protection. I can’t really blame them: we’ve fostered a culture where fact-finding is anemic, but consumer products are doing just fine.”—The Vertically Integrated Rape Joke (2014)

Milton Friedman and Nick Kristof

“The consensus ideology guiding issues of policy and piety was designed for popularization, and then mass-disseminated through the mass-est media of all: TV. The girders of our modern political, economic, and cultural structure can be seen clearly in a nicely bookended pair of television franchises—oddly enough, for the Romney-fied Right, both broadcast on PBS.” — Marketpiece Theater (2013)


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