The Catalog of This Exhibition (2007)

The exhibition of works described in this catalog has been on display only twice in history, or is on display all the time, depending on how you choose to define “display” or “exhibition” or “work”. The work on display is pre-ephemeral in nature, pre-pre-existing: work that could only be created under a different set of socio-economic constructs not currently on offer to the creators we chose to feature. Thus these works not only do not yet exist, but will not exist in the future. The Catalog of This Exhibition, therefore, is largely speculative, and collects essays that describe this work in some detail, in all its glory, with several of the most brilliant artists, whose potential has been completely lost, described therein. After having premiered in the Special Projects Room at the Green Lantern Gallery in Chicago, the work was re-hung as a part of Dismantling the Corporate State and Other Amusements at the Center for Book and Paper Arts.

The Catalog of This Exhibition was hand-bound in a physical edition of one by Hannah Rapson, with essays by Greg Cook, Caroline Picard, and Mairead Case. You can read a PDF of the catalog here.

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