The Manifesti of Radical Literature

“Apart from the engaging insight and outsight I also deeply admire your book’s ability to be used as a bookmark for other books!”—Lupe Fiasco

The excessively delayed but comprehensively Illustrated Third Edition of The Manifesti of Radical Literature is a more recently created version of the same old an anarchist style guide for cultural producers it’s always been. It consists of 88 whimsically illustrated pages, with chapters on such foundational political acts as throwing away one’s dictionary, creating one’s own system of punctuation, refusing to abide by the language imposed upon us by corporate entities, and reconsidering the very conditions under which the laws by which we are expected to abide were crafted. Also, it is funny and of a pleasing form and light heft, perfect for spiriting away in one’s back pocket for an evening of street stenciling or shopdropping.*

This Questionably Diagrammed Third Edition features slightly larger print, updated texts, an introduction and a postface by radical literarists Liz Mason and Mikki Halpin, an entirely new chapter on modern media conveniences, and several medical illustrations of little sense and less value, by the author, who, technically speaking, is a writer. Written and illustrated by Anne Elizabeth Moore. The Manifesti of Radical Literature is only available through certain illegal file-sharing networks and at Pressing Concern Books.

“Grab a copy for yourself and another one to leave at your local library.” —Good Reads.

“Sardonic exploration of a variety of issues, scenarios, situations, and current truths, or those seemingly so. Super funny and a great time to read.”—The Read/Write Library.

*Although, since this version is 20-some pages heavier than the previous, several square inches larger, total, even though we can’t figure out the math to tell us exactly how much, and weighed down by a slightly larger font and several heavy illustrations, we are no longer offering money-back guarantees if this volume does not actually fit into your pocket. Sorry!

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