Hey Kidz, Buy This Book

“Should be required back-to-school reading.” —In These Times

A respectful, straightforward how-to guide for youth who have a problem with the way the world works, but don’t yet know how to articulate their demands or want to know how to achieve their goals for world change. This book will provide any young adult a solid grounding in current media systems and with hands-on, easy-to-follow instructions. With an emphasis on community building, teamwork, historical research and self-expression, this book will also prove useful for improving skills sought after by educational and after-school programs. From Soft Skull.

“Want to raise the next Che Guevara or Angela Davis? . . . If you want your child to be creative and learn about the real world, pick it up.” —Tastes Like Chicken

“Funny, feisty, and useful.” —The School Library Journal

“Potentially deadly to the corporate media-state.” —Deek

“It’s not like regular nonfiction, because it’s funny and entertaining.” —Orlando Weekly (guest writer, 10-year-old Hunter Ferguson)

“Hey Librarianz! Buy This Book! Seriously, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and RUN to buy multiple copies of this book for your libraries and every kid age 10 and up you know. If part of our goal as young adult librarians is to meet developmental needs of teens to raise literate, participating citizens who think critically, we need to get this introduction to media literacy into classrooms and libraries across America.” —Hip Librarians Book Blog

“Advises children and parents on how to counter the wiles of commercialism.” —The Boston Globe

“A useful and occasionally whimsical resource.” —Time Out New York – Kids

“If this book finds its way into the hands of just a few kids, then it’s done us a world of good.” —Fabmagazine

“Know a kid? Or even if you don’t: Hey Kidz, Buy This Book!” —Janeane Garofalo

“Even military brats need to know these things.”  —The Military Homeschooler

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