Best Book of 2007, Mother Jones 

“Distinctly more radical than merely protesting against consumerism: a total rejection of the competitive ethos that drives capitalist culture.” —LA Times

“*****” – Time Out Chicago

“Conversational, intellectually curious, and charmingly ragged, Unmarketable is an anti-corporate manifesto with a difference: It exudes raw coolness.”—Mother Jones

“Real-life examples pack a punch, as do her irreverent and occasionally salty language. Engaging to read, yet don’t lose sight of her plea for integrity. Worth noting.” —Booklist

“An intelligent, funny, and frequently dispiriting study. . . . an authentic work about the collisions of corporate culture and counterculture that everyone who cares about any culture should read.” —Bitch

Unmarketable contains “the frisson of a murder mystery. While that mystery is never solved, the questions Moore raises are basic and uncomfortable. And that’s not punk, that’s just necessary.” —EyeWeekly

“. . . Still, it is getting harder to trust that which looks or sounds independent.” —Forbes

“The case studies are wittily related . . . and while it explores contradictions and grey areas, Unmarketable mainly serves to emphasize how ‘integrity’ and ‘emotional connections’ are increasingly being sought from independent artists by large corporations at a knockdown price.” —The Guardian

“This is a work of honesty and, yes, integrity.” —Kirkus

“Sharp and valuable muckraking.” —Time Out New York

Unmarketable examines the corrosive effects of the corporate infiltration of the underground. Author Anne Elizabeth Moore takes a critical look at the savvy advertising agencies, corporate marketing teams, and branding experts who use DIY techniques to reach a youth market—and at members of the underground who have helped forward corporate agendas through their own artistic, and occasionally activist, projects. From The New Press.

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