Mother Jones’ Best Book of 2007

“Distinctly more radical than merely protesting against consumerism: a total rejection of the competitive ethos that drives capitalist culture.” —LA Times

Unmarketable examines the corrosive effects of the corporate infiltration of the underground. Author Anne Elizabeth Moore takes a critical look at the savvy advertising agencies, corporate marketing teams, and branding experts who use DIY techniques to reach a youth market—and at members of the underground who have helped forward corporate agendas through their own artistic, and occasionally activist, projects. From The New Press.

“*****” – Time Out Chicago

“Conversational, intellectually curious, and charmingly ragged, Unmarketable is an anti-corporate manifesto with a difference: It exudes raw coolness.”—Mother Jones

“Real-life examples pack a punch, as do her irreverent and occasionally salty language. Engaging to read, yet don’t lose sight of her plea for integrity. Worth noting.” —Booklist

“An intelligent, funny, and frequently dispiriting study. . . . an authentic work about the collisions of corporate culture and counterculture that everyone who cares about any culture should read.” —Bitch

Unmarketable contains “the frisson of a murder mystery. While that mystery is never solved, the questions Moore raises are basic and uncomfortable. And that’s not punk, that’s just necessary.” —EyeWeekly

“. . . Still, it is getting harder to trust that which looks or sounds independent.” —Forbes

“The case studies are wittily related . . . and while it explores contradictions and grey areas, Unmarketable mainly serves to emphasize how ‘integrity’ and ‘emotional connections’ are increasingly being sought from independent artists by large corporations at a knockdown price.” —The Guardian

“This is a work of honesty and, yes, integrity.” —Kirkus

“Sharp and valuable muckraking.” —Time Out New York

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