the Adventure School for Ladies (2011-present)

The Adventure School for Ladies is an occasional and experimental graduate program that explores gender, cultural production, political engagement, and social divisions with the top ladylike scholars in the field of adventure studies. Our most recent program ran from June 4 to June 15 2012, in advance of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (Cake) on June 16th and 17th. This two-week collaborative comics intensive, held at Chicago’s Read/Write Libraryand Spudnik Press, hosted top and emerging ladylike drawers as they created and published a collaborative comics anthology based on research of gender, race, and economics in the comics industry. Previous experiments have adventured the notion of school by having students contribute equally to group learning experience as an exercise in intellectual trust. Absolutely nothing was supplied by the school except administrative support; scholars were required to bring all curricula, drinks, foods, study materials, and spa entrance fees—for our orientation session—necessary to attend and create an educational environment. The 2012 summer program featured innovative lunch programming in which local artists and creative entrepreneurs come and speak about their practice over a shared meal, a theory and history based syllabus, and the very best comics artists Chicago has on offer. Our anthology, Hand Job: A Labor of Love, is out of print.

Comics creator Edie Fake called the project a “tripped-out grad school” in his scene report for The Comics Journal.

New City wrote up a report on our work here.


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