The Foundation For Freedom (2008)

Co-founded with Steve Lambert of the Anti-Advertising Agency in 2008, the Foundation For Freedom was a short-term project to raise money to give an advertising, PR, or marketing executive willing to quit their job for the one-time grant. Throughout the spring and summer, we held job-quitting and resume writing workshops, ran a massive email campaign targeting PR companies, took up residency in an art space to create oFFFice, gave lectures and talks throughout the US, and held activities in front of downtown Chicago’s ad firms, including a game of catch in front of Leo Burnett that we played with clients, job interviewees, and late-running executives.

In late September of 2008, during Advertising Week in New York City, we held a gala event and awarded Sarah Gibble a giant novelty check and $700 in congratulations for leaving the destructive world of advertising.

Click here for more info about the project.


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